Sarah Dessen

If you’ve already read Sarah Dessen’s newest book Along the Ride, it might be time to go back and check out some of her other books. Here are some reviews from our teen summer assistants that will introduce to you to some of of Dessen’s best.


Lock and Key is a novel written by Sarah Dessen, one of my favorite authors, about a girl named Ruby trying to put her life back together.  Ruby’s mother is a severe alcoholic and is too immature and irresponsible to care for her own children. Ruby’s mother ends up vanishing, leaving Ruby in their house alone with no money for rent, heat, food, etc.  Ruby lives pay-check to pay-check until her landlord notices her mother’s absence. Ultimately, Ruby ends up living with her upscale sister and brother-in-law in their extremely beautiful mansion and begins to attend a very prestigious private high school. Her life is changing by the second, but you will have to read the book to see how the plot unfolds.  Any age group could enjoy this touching story and I strongly recommend it. (By: Cat)


Dreamland is a novel written by Sarah Dessen and is a coming of age story about a sixteen year old girl named Caitlin who is trying to become an individual.  Ever since Cass, her older sister, ran away, Caitlin feels as if she is in a dreamland.  As the story progresses, she meets a boy named Rogerson who she begins to date and eventually falls in love with.  Caitlin is hiding many secrets from the people closest to her in her life which causes a major change in events.  This was one of my favorite books this summer because of its shocking twists that had me so involved in the plot.  To find out what happens you must read the book yourself!! (By: Julia)


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