Teen Idol By Meg Cabot


I really enjoyed this book mainly because Meg Cabot is one of my many favorite authors. I really like all of her books. This book in particular is really fun. It is a very fast read because you won’t be able to put it down!  

Dear Annie,

I only like guys who are taken. You know, guys who already have girlfriends. I flirt with them until they dump whoever they’re dating, and then as soon as they’re available, I start not to like them anymore. What is up with this? And what can I do to stop it?

                                                                           Wannabe Ur Girlfriend—Until I Am

            In Meg Cabot’s Teen Idol, this is the kind of letter Jenny Greenley ,a high school junior, receives all the time. She has the privilege of being her school’s anonymous advice columnist, known as Annie. Aside from trying to keep her identity as Annie (even from her best friend) a secret, Jenny pretty much lives a normal life. That is until her school officials give her a super secret mission: help Luke Striker (a super hot movie star) appear as a normal high school student. Luke Striker, who has never attended a public school, is attending Clayton High School in order to research a role as a high school student that he is to play. But will Jenny be able to keep all of her secrets and his? Will she be able to keep this secret from her Luke Striker obsessed best friend (who claims to be saving herself for Luke)? Will Jenny be able to answer her own questions like: Can you be in love with someone and not know it? Read the book and find out!          

                                                                                                    BY: Aja Green


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