A Northern Light By: Jennifer Donnelly

Mattie Gokey is a normal girl. She dreams of becoming a writer and attending college in New York City. However, right now, this dream seems far from attainable. After her mother’s death, she is left to help her father care for her younger siblings and their family farm. Also, to add to this sixteen-year-old’s burden she must raise her own money for college, not an easy task for a young girl growing up in 1906. In an effort to pay the bills Mattie takes up a job at a local hotel. Nevertheless, her efforts to help herself only seem to make her situation worse. She was asked by a hotel customer to burn a stack of letters, but decides not to after the guest was found dead in the lake behind the hotel. After this Mattie begins to rethink her current situation and see life in a new light. In Jennifer Donnelly’s coming of age novel A Northern Light, readers will be able to experience the complicated life of the 1900’s along with what it means to be a teenage girl growing up in a difficult age.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I honestly went to the book store and said “What a pretty cover, I think I will buy it.” Fortunately for me the book turned out to be a good read and even though I don’t usually read books of this nature, coming of age books that is, I found this book to be very enlightening and uplifting.

                                                                         By: Steph Engle


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