Make Waves Teen Review

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is about the struggles of the beautiful young woman, Scarlett O’Hara, during the Civil War. Scarlett begins the book as the spoiled daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, and her upbringing has been centered on attracting suitors and finding a good husband. As the war destroys the world she was prepared for, Scarlett is determined to do anything to make her way, and she casts aside the morals and expectations that she was once taught. All the while, she still searches for love and tries to untangle the knotted threads of her heart.

I originally picked up Gone with the Wind because I heard it was an American classic. After reading the book, I initially wondered whether it merited the title. There were many aspects of this book that, on the surface, made it seem hardly more than a cheap romance.  I found that the characters followed stringent stereotypes, the events of the plot were clichéd and predictable, and the ceaseless drama made the book overbearing and long-winded: However, the descriptive language, insightful historical perspective, and in-depth questions concerning morality and character make this book a classic, despite its other shortcomings. 

by Monika Williams


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