TLC Recap

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting July 1st!  After our opening activity, we discussed some books and made recommendations.  After that, we brainstormed about our next project.  After discussing 5 ideas we took a vote (12 were present), and decided that our next project is going to be something along the lines of Improv Everywhere.  If you haven’t heard of this, google it!  You can go to the website and watch all sorts of videos, including the Freeze at Grand Central Station, the Slo-Mo at Home Depot, Ted’s Birthday, and more. 

The idea for us is to promote reading and/or the library via our Improv event.  We thought about doing a freeze, or a ‘Birthday’ for someone in the library, or flocking to a busy store in the same outfit, but in the end we need to find something that will promote reading and the library.  TLC members: Please spend a bit of time on the Improve everywhere site, and think about potential missions we could accomplish!  Another idea might be to invite teens from other Luzerne County Libraries to join us!  We all do have the same cards!*

So please post your ideas below.  And we’ll decide on one at our next meeting on July 22nd at 5p.m.

* Not technically.  The Teen ‘Whatever’ card is being phased out.  The Osterhout Free Library is the only library still dispensing the Whatever card to teens.  So, the truth is, we all either have a yellow card or a whatever card…two possibilities.


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