Make Waves Teen Review

Nearly everybody has heard of vampires, and there are literally hundreds of books dedicated to them. Every new vampire book strives to be more original and fantastical than the others; however, no vampire book can match the utter brilliance of Bram Stoker’s original Count Dracula.

There are many factors which set Count Dracula apart from other vampire books, first of which is the unusual narration. Count Dracula is formatted in the diaries and letters of the main characters, and this first person narration allows readers to put themselves in the characters’ places. Although not difficult to read, this book is filled with rich, descriptive language which lends itself to the imagination. Bram Stoker’s use of suspense and mystery also gives Count Dracula a level of intensity that will not let you put it down. The last and probably greatest attribute of Count Dracula that separates it from all other vampire books is Count Dracula himself.

Count Dracula is simply epic. His capacity to inspire pure, unadulterated terror is something that even his suave manners cannot conceal. He is ancient, powerful, mysterious, cunning and completely evil. Count Dracula’s powers make other vampires look like mosquitoes in comparison, and he is for the hard-core vampire-enthusiasts who are not satisfied with mere romance and glamour.
by Monika Williams


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