Make Waves Teen Review

Book Review
The Good Guy by Dean Koonz

The Good Guy is a book about a guy who is single and a hardworking mason who gets mistaken by a person to be a hired killer. He is given money to kill a woman who has witnessed something that would affect someone who is in the government if she were to go to the public with what she saw. But the woman does not even know that she witnessed anything and could even cause any trouble. “The Good Guy”decides to protect the woman instead of letting her get killed. When the real killer realizes this, he has to track down and kill the “The Good Guy” to get to the woman. The book goes on to tell how they escaped the killer so many times and then in the end how they kill the killer and “The Good Guy” becomes a hero.

I like the book because when you read it, you think that “The Good Guy” and the woman wont be able to get away, but they always end up doing so while they are so close to getting killed. So I like the beginning and the middle of the book but not the end. In the end “The Good Guy” becomes a hero and then he has lunch with the president. I wish the book would have ended a more realistic way.
by Amber Young


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