Make Waves Teen Review

Elephant Run by Roland Smith, is a book about Nick, whose father, the owner of a teak plantation in Burma, sends him letters about the plantation in the beginning of World War II. His mother lives with him in London. After London is badly affected by the war, his mother decides to send him to his father. There, he meets the villagers and Mya, who’s birthday was just days after his. They take him to his father’s house, called Hawk’s Nest. He has many encounters with Hilltop, an ancient man, and Hannibal, a dangerous elephant. When the war becomes worse in Burma and Nick’s father is taken away, Mya’s is killed, and the Japanese take over, Mya and Nick must hide in a secret area in the house. Will they escape in time, or will they be found and captured by the enemy?
by Emily Welles


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