Teen Poetry from our Workshop!!


Keys said to the trees
that he’s she’s said please
about me’s
and computer screens

The fly on the wall
the colors in the sky
the flags with no stripes
the stars on the flag
the independence with no days
the paper with no letters

by Rhaelynn Froncek

Teen Holiday Beading Workshop

Congratulations to all of you brilliant designers at the Holiday beading workshop! Everybody made gorgeous bracelet and earrings sets thanks to Mary Bartos and Debbie Miller of Mary’s Kreations and Bridal Trinkets in Dallas. We designed our bracelets using beading trays, and then after we strung the beads, Mary and Debbie helped us to put the hardware on. Check out the Osterhout Free Library’s facebook page for the photo album!

Knitting Group

The Osterhout Free Library Knitting Group for all ages and all skill levels has been meeting once per month since July of 2010, and we have recently begun meeting on a bi-monthly basis due to popular request!
Our next meeting will be Saturday, December 18th from 10:30-noon. We’d especially like to thank Jackie Mosher for donating a lovely basket of yarn that we’ll keep in the library’s Classic Corner for anyone to use. Check it out…You might find something you can use or practice with, and you may leave your unused remnants for someone else!

Teen movie Night!

The next Teen Night, on September 8th (5:30p.m.) will be a movie night, and we’re going to show our favorite short films on YouTube.com! Please post your favorites below as a comment, so we can preview them before next Wednesday! Have a GREAT! holiday weekend everyone!!

TLC Recommends

Here are recent favorite titles read by the teens on Teen Library Council:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
, the Series by Rick Riordan
No One Here Gets Out Alive, a biography of Jim Morrison by Jerry Hopkins
Silent Partner, by Stephen Frey
Forced Out, by Stephen Frey
Dear America Series, for girls and boys
The Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling
The Chamber of Secrets, by J.K. Rowling
All But My Life, by Gerda Weissmann Klein

Happy Reading!

Make Waves Teen Review

Lily B. on the Brink of Cool is a book about a 13 year old girl, Lily Blennerhassett, who believes her life is utterly and completely boring. Her parents, she claims are the reason for this, as they never do anything exciting. Then she goes to her cousin, Delia’s wedding, and she meets distant relatives that look as if they just stepped off a movie set. She wants to be with them, and her parents try to stop her, and her whole family won’t talk about them. She goes against her parents wishes, and starts hanging out with the LeBlancs.
She learns that they are the founders of an eco friendly program called Hug the Planet. They own great cars, clothes, and eat fancy foods. She never tells her parents any of this. Then she hears that their house needs to be used to do some testing using noxious fumes, and they must stay at a hotel. Instead, she offers them her lake home, without her parents permission. When she finds out they are still there, she sends an overnight letter, telling them her family will be down there soon, so they must leave. When her family reaches the lake house, it is a mess. She confesses everything. Her parents explain that they didn’t want her hanging out with them because they are con- artists. They try to sue, but Delia stops that from happening. It turns out her life wasn’t so boring after all.
by Emily Welles

Make Waves Teen Review

Peter and The star Catchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Person, is an impossible to put put down book that starts the beloved Peter Pan. When an orphan named Peter met pretty Molly it was completely coincidental. The mysterious trunk that boarded the ship Neverland was a complete accident. But Peter teaming up with Molly, and trying to save the trunk from pirates was completely on purpose. This book that starts the classical Peter Pan is a must read for all ages.
by Elise House

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