Make Waves Teen Review

News Article :
Naomi Campbell tells Taylor trial of ‘dirty stones’

13 years ago Naomi Campbell attended a charity dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela along with Charles Taylor, Quincy Jones, Mia Farrow and other celebrities. Late that night after she left two men came to her door and gave her a pouch and said “a gift for you”. The next morning she told some friends about it and one of them suggested they probably came from Charles Taylor (the ex-Liberian president from 1997 to 2003.)The next day she gave it to a friend to give to a charity fund.

Fast forward……August 5th, 2010 Campbell went to court to testify that Charles Taylor had given her some “blood diamonds.” She was asked about it before but refused to answer any questions and only came to court this time because she was supeonaed. Prosecutors are trying to prove that Taylor used so-called blood diamonds to fuel a brutal civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone.Taylor has testified against it. The day that Campbell testified, her friend that she gave the diamonds to turned them over to the South African police. Two other witnesses whose names have not been mentioned are supposed to testify.

I think that, Naomi Campbell should have got the situation over with a long time ago when she was asked about it before. She waited 13 years to talk about the “blood diamonds” and only is because she was being faced with court charges if she didn’t. Because she waited so long, it makes it appear that maybe she could be lying about if she knew who the men were who brought them to her any other information. And why did her friend not give them to a charity fund and wait so long to turn them over to the police. But hopefully the whole situation is resolved without putting her or her family in any danger.
by Amber Young


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